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Annette Wilson


Annette Wilson, a Chicago native, a wife to husband, Derrick Wilson and mother of three (two girls and one stepson), served in the U.S. Army as a Chef, then Annette received her accounting degree. Following in the path of her father, Rev Nathaniel Sanders Founder of United Youth of America in 1997. Annette took over as CEO for United Youth of America, Inc (UYOA) in 2007.  The first grant given to UYOA was from President Obama to Rev Nathaniel Sanders, under the Non-Profit Initiative.  Over the span of the last decade or so, Annette created a national relationship with organizations and business, to place students’ apprentices with companies willing to train the apprentices to be excellent employees. She successfully positioned people seeking a new career or a second chance with a new pathway. Culinary Arts Management, Cyber Security Training, and Information Technology.  Mrs. Wilson formed partnership with Fulton County WorkSource development, Dekalb County WorkSource development, Cobb County WorkSource Development, Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta Board of Education, Levy Restaurant, Illinois Third COGIC Community Partner, GA Department of Labor, New Mexico Workforce Development, Illinois Workforce Development, California Workforce Development, Oklahoma Workforce Development, and U.S. Army. Etc. 

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