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What's Army Ignited 

What is Army Ignited?  This platform allows soldier to request for funding through ARMY CA to earn a civilian credential previously found in ARMY COOL but also now covers the cost of training.  Better yet, the process is extremely streamlined. 

United Youth of America, (UYOA, Inc)  has two programs with Army Ignited - CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Network+ while you are actively in the military Army, National Guard or Reserve. Once you have completed active Army duties.  You still have a pathway to UYOA, Inc Cyber Security Support Technician Apprenticeship Program.  Locations - Georgia, Oklahoma, Illinois, California.  Other locations is coming soon. 

How to Enroll in Army Ignited

First you must set-up a account, please use the resources provided below. 

Second you must set-up a CA-Credentialing Assistance account, please use the resources provided below.





Thanks for submitting!
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